Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My kids had lots of fun playing at the AF reservoir. Travis could sit on the beach and play in the sand forever!! I forgot the lifejackets and Martie kept trying to go further and further out in the water, she got in up to her chin-the little daredevil! Caleb got to use his snorkel stuff---he looked pretty funny!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We've been working so hard to get rid of the weeds in the front yard--
now there is finally a solid patch of grass and I am so proud!
Relaxin' with Dad!
I get a kick out of how dark Martie is compared to Sadie!
Martie likes giving kisses to Sadie--Sadie not so much!!
I love Trav--he cracks me up!
Caleb loves to swim--his most exciting moment this summer was
passing the swim test at the pool in Bonners. Now he gets to swim
in the deep end all by himself. He thinks he is the greatest swimmer now
though-I have to watch him like a hawk!!
Martie is also a water dog!!
Copper Falls in Boundary County, Idaho

Maggie, Travis, Ty, Ethan, Kadi, Caleb, Becky (always has to be in the picture) Martie & Thomas in front. The kids had fun hiking up to the falls (short hike).
Becky assisting Caleb across the creek or maybe Caleb assisting Becky!!

We went over to Nampa to visit Grandpa and Grandma Petersen. They took us all to the zoo! Boise zoo isn't the biggest but the kids still had lots of fun. My kids are with their cousins Anthony and Hailey. So cute!
Caleb, Hailey, Anthony, and Travis

Hailey, Travis & Martie on the toy elephant!

Martie, Travis and Aunt Kelli on the carousel.

Martie Jo got a new bike. She thinks she is the coolest kid in town. Travis also got a bike and although I don't like characters on things he insisted on a Spider-man bike.

Jacob came to our house for a sleepover! They are all watching Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Maybe not quite age appropriate with all the snakes and such... Oh well

Our dog BJ was so FAT after winter this year--probably a combination of lazy days and a misunderstanding with Caleb on how much to feed her. She has trimmed down some now.

Summer Fun!

Travis spent almost and hour sliding down the slide into the little swimming pool. He loved it. Caleb and Travis playing at the American Falls Reservoir. The water was too cold to get in that day--but they still had fun digging in the sand.

The Petersen's

Hi Everybody!