Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Martie's Birthday!

Time goes so fast! Martie is now my little 3 year old girl intead of my baby!
She wanted a Hello Kitty cake so I did my best and think it turned out pretty o.k.
She kept saying that it was her "cat cake"!

To my surprise, one of the candles we had was a gag one where it won't blow out. Jeff and I both had no idea and watching Marite try to blow it out was pretty funny.

Her birthday presents included...Grandma Carey (0utfit, hopscotch, dress), Us (doll carrier, clothes, dollhouse stuff, coloring books, magnet princess thingy). I don't know what to call it. She was pretty happy with everthing. As you can tell!

Martie has finally learned how to stay still for pictures...it's cute though because she does this smile all the time. And if you don't catch it right at the beginning she smiles so big that you can't see her eyes!!

My cousin Tiffany, (Kev's wife) came over last week & made this super sweet tutu for Martie's birthday. She also got her a little purse and headband. Martie absolutely LOVES LOVES her tutu! Thanks Tif

NOTE: Martie's BEST Birthday present was the dollhouse her Grandpa Carey made. She has had it for about a month already and plays with it all the time. My computer is being silly about uploading the pictures though.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Class Picture...

It is Friday...
and not just Friday, but the Friday before Spring Break. As I lay in bed this morning listening to the birds chirp with sunlight streaming through the window I thought "Why not start spring break early?" As this idea took root in my head, I began rationalizing all the reasons why I should lay in bed and enjoy the morning...
The little devil on my shoulder was telling me...
1. Caleb never misses school... so what does one day matter?
2. He has never even been tardy.
3. Waffles sound delicious and if he goes to school there won't be time.
4. It's going to a gorgeous spring day and it will be fun to do some things together.

The little angel on my shoulder was telling me...
1. A good mom would set an example for her children and make them go to school
2. He has all next week off...
3. There might be something fun at school he will miss out on

So who did I listen to?

I love waffles...
I laid in bed for a bit longer than got up to make breakfast not only did we have waffles, but homemade hashbrowns too. After I got breakfast cleaned up I was putting something away in the closet and it was then that a little envelope laying on the piano caught my eye...
Crapola---"Caleb get pants on" I shouted! "and get pants for Martie and Travis too" I barked! ok yes we are ready to go...we made our mad dash to school only 40 minutes late with Travis wearing only pants & a ketchup goatee, Martie wearing jeans from last year (high waters) & a rats nest of hair, Caleb holie jeans and lame hand-me-down shirt, no hair combing & possibly no teeth brushing. Me--bleach stained sweats, no bra, crazy bed hair, and smears of sticky maple syrup on my ratty old sweatshirt. hahahaha

I HAD to get him there for his class picture---i couldn't let one small indulgence---one random time I decided to listen to the little devil ruin the meticulous image I've created of myself as a responsible, dedicated mother!!! ONLY MY CHILDREN WILL KNOW THE TRUTH!! and who would believe them?

Needless to say, I'm very curious to see what his class picture will look like...he will probably be teh stinky kid today...oh well. The waffles were delicious!

Monday, March 16, 2009


1-- The number of times I had to tell Caleb to get out of bed this morning (he was good today),
2--the number of times I asked him if he brushed his teeth.
3--the number of times i walked into the kitchen this morning to get something and then forgot what I was there for.
4--the number of clothes that Jeff had hung on the bed post (which he KNOWS annoys me!)
5-- the number of times I was walked in on in the bathroom today by children who know how to unlock the door. (yep, that was everytime i went)
7--the number of lysol wipes I used to clean the bathroom.
8--the age of Caleb who is growing up too fast.
14- the number of shoes I'v picked up and put in the closet (so far today)
3--the number of times I was told today "I love you"
25-- the number of clothes I put in my first load of laundry for today.
4--the number of times I found paper cut up and left on the floor, table, etc. (Martie has an addiction to using her little kid blunt scissors to cut up everything in sight) I know I should take the scissors away but she cuts something, then hides the scissors, so I never know where they are.
50--the number of times I wished I lived closer to my parents.
10-the number of times I thought about exercising (and didn't)
6- the number of raisins I picked up off the floor after my kids ate raisin bread.
1,000,000-- the number of times today that I thought I wouldn't change my life for the world.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Caleb's Baptism

Caleb was baptized on February 28th, this past Saturday. He was really excited about it. Grandma & Grandpa Carey, Grandpa Mike, Aunt Kathy, Kevin & Tiffany, Kim, and Sommers came. It was so special to see him take this step in his life. I asked him afterwards if he felt any different and he said..."Not much." Funny kid. Jeff baptized & confirmed him and the Grandpas' were the witnesses. Grandpa Carey also gave a talk on baptism and Grandma Carey said the opening prayer. It was a great day. After the baptism, we all went to Caleb's basketball game (it wasn't the best game)...then came home for some yummy food. I am so grateful to be Caleb's mom...he is such a good example to me. One thing I especially admire about Caleb is how much he cares about other people. When he hurts someones feelings or does something that isn't right---you can see how sorry he is--its written all over his face. He tries really hard to be good and he is so helpful at home. I love Caleb!