Friday, November 14, 2008

Crafts and Baking!

I don't know about other Mom's, but for me the longest hours of the day are from 4:00 to 6:00pm. Everyone is hungry, tired, and "bored". So, I like to entertain the kids with little crafts to make. Fall is the perfect time because every month there is a new theme. We made these turkeys using our footprints and handprints. I think they are pretty cute and they make my home look so festive hanging on the fridge.

I attend this recipe club once a month and this month was holiday breads. I tried this new recipe for a Danish Kringle (added some marashino cherries and almonds) and it turned out so pretty--and Delicious!!

Trav's Birthday

So Travis is turning 4 years old and it is so weird because I feel like we have had him forever, but its only been 4 years. He is just the best kid in the world and so funny. He makes me laugh all day long and he always tells me..."you crack me up Mom!" So cute! One day we were watching a cooking show and saw this really awesome volcano cake and so Travis picked this for his birthday and I was more than happy to make it because it was so fun.

Trav's vtech laptop (which he hasn't played with even once) when you scroll down you'll know why!
The making of the cake. I used two box cake mixes (one red velvet--one chocolate) and made 4 round cakes and then cut them down to size. I crumbled the leftover red velvet pieces for my lava rocks. The rest was just frosting and icing! Oh and of course, I cut a whole out of the top and inserted a votive candle holder with some dry ice in it-so it looked like the volcano was erupting. The kids loved it and thought I was magic! It's always fun when you can impress your kids.

Travis asked me if it was "really exploding?"

My cousin Kevin made this "super homemade" card for Trav's birthday! If you look close you can see it says..."more chips" --Trav's favorite phrase.

This is why Travis hasn't touched his laptop toy. He loves LOVES his Batcave!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Trick or treat smell my feet...and so on... This is the night of our ward party! The kids had so much fun getting dressed up and this year was perfect because I didn't have to fight anybody about wearing their costume (except Jeff)! On Halloween, Jeff's parents came over to spend the holiday with us and take the kids trick-or-treating. We enjoyed having them here and it made our Halloween even more fun than usual.

Travis the Pirate! Aaargh Matey!

Caleb the Skeleton!

Martie is Super Girl!

The whole gang!