Saturday, January 31, 2009

Out of the mouth of Travis...

So we took the kids to the swimming pool in Blackfoot the other day for a little family time. Martie and I went to change into our swimsuits in the women's locker room and apparently we missed some funny conversations. Jeff is always complaining about how loud the boys are in the bathroom (they don't know how to whisper or why someone might want to whisper). Anyway Travis tells Jeff that he has to go poo. So Jeff helps him on the toilet (sorry if this is a little gross) and is getting changed when he hears some grunting and groaning coming from Travis's stall. He peeks his head in and asks Trav if he his o.k.----Travis looks up at him, sighs, and says..."This one is gonna hurt."
I asked Travis later why it was so difficult and his response was..."some poop's hurt." FUNNY KID! Just says what's on his mind.


After swimming, Jeff and the boys, head off to the lockeroom again. Jeff leaves the boys in their towels while he gets changed and as he is standing there "nakie" Caleb says..."that is the biggest weener I've ever seen." Hahaha (did I mention that Jeff wanted me to tell this story on my blog) anyway then Cheeto pipes up really loud..."Me and Caleb have little weeners."

Have I mentioned how glad I am that Jeff came with us to the pool & how glad I am that Martie is a girl!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apology to my Mother (better late than never)....

So many years ago when my mom was taking care of a little girl who never combed her hair and who's room was sooo messy that mice lived in her dresser (that's another story) when I'm sure she said..."I hope someday you have kids just like you!" I don't know if that was a threat or the words of a loving mother who hoped I would experience the same heights of joy that I brought into her life (sarcasm), but whatever the reason those words left her lips-----she can rest assured----THAT DAY IS HERE!

and I will explain why....

When I was a girl I loved loved Cabbage Patches. I never had one of my own, but on one particular day my Mom told me that a favorite Aunt of hers would be arriving and she had a gift for me and my sister--Cabbage Patch dolls--she said. Oh, and I was overjoyed, whoever this "Aunt" was, she was now my favorite too. With anticipation I recieved this "cabbage patch doll" and I will forever remember that day as a day of severe dissapointment. This was in my Mom's words..."A homemade cabbage patch doll" which is really code for NOT a cabbage patch doll at all. Anyway, it wasn't just that this doll didn't come in a package, but that my sister (who I envied) got the prettier doll.

Jenny's doll: pretty blond hair
Mine: orange brown
Jennys' doll: Big blue eyes
Mine: Brown (wha-wha)
Jennys' doll: pink dress
Mine: Orange brown (again)

So as any well adjusted kid I learned a great deal about life's dissapointments, picked up the pieces and made do with my doll AND after awhile I even started to like her.
One day I was in the bathroom playing with my doll (i don't know why in the bathroom ) when I spied my mom's make-up sitting out on the counter. Well, maybe I could make my doll a little prettier. Granted she would never be as lovely as Jenny's but with a few improvements she could pass. I added a dab (tons) of blush to her cheeks, a smidgeon (globs) of mascara to her eyes, and so on. When I was done she didn't look pretty at I tried to wash it off (did I mention my doll was made of fabric) anyway it ended up with big black eyes and brown smears all over it's face and the worst part was-- I KNEW when Mom found out I WAS IN FOR IT!
I managed to hide my dolly from her for a few days, but eventually the truth came out. She was so upset and I remember how I kept thinking..."What do you care--it's my doll."

FAST FORWARD 20 YEARS: Martie loves dollies and for Christmas this year I scowered store after store, picking up and putting back (where they don't belong) doll after doll until I found the perfect ones. As I came home with my treasure, I giggled to myself about how much she would love them and would from time to time sneak into my toy hiding place to pick them up and look at them. Christmas came and......SHE LOVED THEM!


So Mom, I just want to say...I"M SORRY! I get it now!

by the way "magic eraser" won't take it off.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Martie Jo being a goofy girl. She played with this box for almost an hour!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, I don't really have anything that exciting to blog about, but I am tired of seeing our Christmas tree on our blog page! Caleb's school break was over last week, so he was back to the routine----Jeff's semester starts this week so that means the rest of us will be back to normal. As nice as it is to have Jeff around, I am kind of anxious to get my house back to regular (not just the kids make messes!) The kids have been enjoying their Christmas toys; Martie and I play dollies everyday---it's so fun. I made some diapers, a pillow, and a blanket for her babies and she just loves them. Jeff thinks I partly did it for me since I enjoying playing so much! Well, I kind of set my clock by semesters; everytime a new one starts I make my little plans of things I need to accomplish (kind of my own version of a syllabus haha!) These are some of the little goals I want to get done before summer. Wish me luck!
1. Teach Travis all his letters and his numbers to 10. He already knows his shapes and colors (that was last fall's semester :) You know with Caleb I was really anxious that he learn everything early--thought it proved how smart he was, but I've noticed that Travis learns alot differently--He doesn't seem as willing to share what he knows.
2. Catch up on my scrapbooking! This might sound silly, but I am like 3 years behind and with 3 kids that's like 9 years! Yes, I can still do simple math.
3. Paint the kitchen wall and paint all baseboards and doors! Are kids are really rough on anything at their level. Doors are dinged, baseboards are nicked, and kitchen walls (right behind Martie's seat) are really really in need of a paint job.

These might sound like pretty easy goals, but finding time to do this on top of everything else can sometimes be overwhelming. I love being a Mom though and wouldn't change a thing (well, maybe a few things), but not my little ones (even their sticky fingers and muddy shoes)!