Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kayli bear is getting big...

Kayli is growing so fast. It kind of makes me sad that my little baby is no longer a "newborn", but every stage is fun and I love LOVE that she smiles at us now. So sweet.

The first snow....

Oh I love the first snowfall! The kids wake up and pretty soon the shout goes up throughout the house..."SNOW....SNOW...IT SNOWED!!" Then it is boots, hats, scarfs, swishy sounding snowpants, and gloves all over the house. The door slams and I dont see the kids for the next two hours as they mess up every bit of the fresh fallen snow! Then it is rosy cheeks and hot cocoa...wet socks from melted ice on the kitchen floor.

P.S. Isn't Martie just gorgeous? I just want to squish her to bits she is so pretty!

Trav's Birthday

Travis turned 5 years old a couple weeks ago! I can't believe it. He wanted an army birthday with a tank cake. It was really fun to make. Here are some pics of the fun. My mom and I made him a little army fort that he can put over the kitchen table and hide in...it even has windows so he can see the enemy coming!