Monday, April 13, 2009

All birds in the choir...Are you sure?

So Travis has been sick for the last few is quite an interesting illness though because although he has been a close personal friend of what we call the "barf bowl" he is also still able to jump on the trampoline, participate in a waterfight, ride his bike and kill aliens with his jedi force. I have been trying to find the trigger for this random throwing up with no luck UNTIL last on...

After I have tucked the kids into bed, retrieved water bottles, accompanied them to the potty, sorted out blankets, flashlights, and so forth...I am always called back in for one more bedtime request---SONGS! My kids love to sing bedtime songs. I snuggled Travis up in his blankets, knelt by his bed and began my concert (which included "To Be With You" by Mr. Big, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Stand By Me) well I had just broken into my rendition of "Lean on Me" when Travis leans over the bed and clutches for his "barf bowl".

Me to Trav: Are you sick Trav?

Trav: a blank look

Me: Where does it hurt?

Trav: blank

Me: What is wrong?


Me: MY SINGING is making you ill.

Trav: head nod

Well case closed. Apparently, I am so awful at singing that it has the power to physically make my child throw-up. See this is why I lip sync the hymns in church.